As you would expect of all Barker & Barker products, we use only the best 'human grade' ingredients in the new Blueberry & Liver Treats. There are no artificial additives at all, everything is 100% natural, healthy & above all - tasty.


These treats have been designed to provide your dog with the delicious taste of both liver AND blueberry plus all the additional health benefits of the acclaimed 'Superfruit'. Blueberry is one of the best anti-oxidants known to man (and dog) and it also contains lots of vitamins and minerals. The key nutrients in blueberry are vitamin C which helps the absorbtion of iron and promotes a healthy immune system, manganese which plays an important part in the development of bones and in the metabolism of protein, carbohydrate and fat. There are also vitamins B6 (to help make red blood cells and keep hair, skin, teeth and gums healthy), E (antioxidant critical for skin health, fertility and proper function of the immune system) and K (promotes healthy blood clotting and bone density). Available in small, medium and large sizes. We would recommend the small size for training of any breed where you will be repeat rewarding and all sizes of treats for 'anytime' treating. Give your dog the all natural and healthy treats they deserve.


The medium and large treats can also be broken into two for sharing with smaller breeds or simply to last longer. See daily allowance table below for recommended breed/size suitability.

Warm the treat in your hand to release the characteristic aroma of liver, break a few above your dog’s nose and enjoy their undivided attention.



  • Natural Dog Treats     100% natural ingredients - No artifical additives of any kind - GM Free
  • Natural Dog Treats     Great taste and aroma of liver with the natural sweetness of blueberry - low in fat - perfect for training
  • Natural Dog Treats     Won't crumble in your hand, pocket or treat bag
  • Natural Dog Treats     Blueberry is one of the best natural anti-oxidants - great for skin health
  • Natural Dog Treats     Contains minerals that are crucial to maintain bone, muscle, nerve & coat health
  • Natural Dog Treats     Natural vitamin C for a boost to the immune system


Maximum daily allowance:

Mini Breeds/Puppies 8 weeks+ (1-5kg)

10 - 30 small

Small Breed (5-15kg)

30-50 small / 20-30 Medium

Medium Breed (15-22kg)

50-70 small / 30-40 medium / 15-20 large

Large breed (22-34kg+)

70-100 small / 40-60 medium / 20-30 large



NOTE: This is guide only; quantities may vary depending on age, breed and activity level.  Remember to take any treating into account with your dog’s daily food intake allowance. As with all treats and food, make sure your dog always has fresh water available.


Barker and Barker: Liver & Blueberry Treats

Flavour: Blueberry & Liver