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Cooper & Co Air-Dried Natural treats are super tasty, natural and healthy. ​

Each treat is gently shaped and air-dried over a number of days to ensure maximum flavour and maintain nutritional benefits.​

British-made, and made with up to 90% meat or fish.

The Active Treat is formulated with Spinach: High in Iron, Zinc and Phosphorus to help support muscle development and energy levels. WIth 70% Pheasant and Partridge.

Pheasant 40%, Partridge 30%, Turkey, Sweet Potato, Spinach, Vegetable glycerol, Minerals. Protein 45.6%, Fat 12.1%, Moisture 19.9%, , Fibre 12.7%, Ash 9.7%

Cooper & Co: Air Dried Pheasant and Partridge Sausage Slices (100g)

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