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Dogs First: BioFunction8 (150g)

Dogs First: BioFunction8 (150g)


What is BioFunction8 and how does it work?

BF8 contains organic german chamomile flowers, a.k.a “mother of the gut”. This is a famous gut soother (hence we drink it in tea when struggling after a big meal). BioFunction8 settles the gut, decreasing inflammation and alleviating the symptoms of IBS, IBD and acid reflux.

BioFunction8 also contains organic marshmallow root, a herb known to aid intestinal repair by increasing the mucosal lining (often lost during gut issues – this is the shiny sleeve on the outside of your dogs stool). The mucsoal lining is where the gut flora live and work. If you build their home, they will come and it’s they that fix the gut from the inside, like little fraggles.

We also include a little chia seed which help to slow the passage of digesta. Dogs with gut issues typically lose form as their digestion factory is on the blink. As you make changes in the diet to fix this (below), chia seeds slow the speed your dogs gut evacuates, giving more chance for digestion to occur, soaking up excess water in the stool in the process. Win win for animals putting out lots of soft poos.

Finally, BioFunction8 includes a blend of 3 Irish, air-dried seaweeds (2 brown and one green) which are not only wonderfully antiinflammatory and antioxidative in their own right but are also deeply nutritious. This is most welcomes in dogs with gut issues which, if you looked, will have quite erratic vitamin and mineral profiles from the turmoil in their tummies…

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