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Dogs First: Power Paste (Raw)

Dogs First: Power Paste (Raw)


The ultimate addition to boost your dogs meals! Power paste is not ‘necessary’ for a raw meal that is fully complete but it is an excellent add on. Add it to raw bones or chews a few nights a week. It’s also ideal for dogs currently on a dry food diet or for boosting leftovers or non-balanced raw.


Irish grass-fed, chemical-free beef liver, Atlantic sardine, beef heart, beef tripe, beef kidney, beef spleen, beef pancreas, fresh and lightly steamed local kale, broccoli, carrot,Irish seaweeds, pre-soaked organic flaxseed meal and organic Styrian pumpkin seeds, beef collagen, organic rosehips,dehydrated organic reishi mushrooms, dehydrated wild Scandinavian blueberries, dried beef blood, organic cleavers, cattle hair.

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