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Paleo Ridge: Classic Turkey Liver Treats (60g)

Paleo Ridge: Classic Turkey Liver Treats (60g)


Classic Treats Turkey Liver are a naturally dried treat for dogs packaged in recyclable 60g packs. Our range of treats have been carefully selected for their nutritional benefits.

By gently drying the turkey liver, we retain the natural goodness that would otherwise be lost in cooking. Dried turkey liver is free from preservatives, fillers and additives making them hypoallergenic and highly-digestible whilst being high in protein.

This treat product is a complementary feed and not a complete meal.

Turkey liver is high in Iron and Vitamin B12 which can help support the immune system, reduce inflammation and support cognitive function. Not only this, due to the high iron content this promotes healthy red blood cells and oxygen flow in the body. Feeing liver also helps to promote healthy liver function.

Recommended maximum feeding per day:

Small dog - 1-5

Medium dog - 1-7

Large Dog - 1-10

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