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Rawgeous: Venison & Duck (500g)

Rawgeous: Venison & Duck (500g)


Our latest and greatest! Wild organic Venison and Duck. A naturally hypoallergenic food, specifically formulated to support dogs with allergies and intolerances. Complete and balanced beyond FEDIAF guidelines; this meal bolsters your dog’s immune system whilst it is under added stress and will continue to help them thrive. It's ideal for dogs with allergies or when you simply want to give them a great Sunday best dinner!

Composition: Venison, Whole duck with bone, duck liver, duck heart, duck gizzard, carrot, Seasonal Greens (Broccoli or Kale), hemp seed powder,  salmon oil, wheat germ oil, seaweed, thyme, sage, parsley.


  • 50% Minced Venison
  • 35% Minced Whole Duck With Bone
  • 14% Minced Duck Offal
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