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Rockster: Sunday Roast (400g)

Rockster: Sunday Roast (400g)


Beyond natural complete wet food for all dog breeds, using carefully selected human grade and non-GMO ingredients of the highest quality that are fit for royalty. This scientifically formulated single protein recipe uses natural nutrition to create a nutritionally balanced superfood for very special dogs. Gently steamed from raw in the can to preserve vital nutrients and vitamins, this unique recipe includes a fine balance of 84% grass-fed, free range lamb muscle meat and vital inner organs. Essential nutrients and antioxidants are provided through a carefully formulated mix of organic and nutritionally dense ingredients, including carrots, chia seeds, quinoa and spinach, creating a balanced and delicious superfood with a compelling taste for discerning dogs. Grass-fed lamb, purportedly the highest source of Omega 3 from a land animal, and extra virgin olive oil aids in this recipe‘s optimal Omega 6:3 ratio, assisting with anti-inflammatory activity. Seabuckthorn berries are an extraordinary source of antioxidants, and the nutrients in this recipe help provide musculoskeletal, cellular, metabolic and immune support. As with all of our recipes, inulin from fermented Jerusalem artichoke concentrate is added as a natural prebiotic. Created originally for a magical street dog rescued from Napoli, Rockster is the epitome of life-enhancing nutrition that will rock your dog’s world too.



84% Grass-fed lamb (40% Muscle meat, 30% Lung, 15% Liver, 15% Tongue)

4% Bio-carrots

3% Chia seeds

3% Bio-quinoa

3% Bio-spinach

2% Bio-seabuckthorn

0.5% Bio-milk thistle oil

0.5% Bio-fermented Jerusalem artichoke concentrate

(Bio-content: 13%)

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