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Bunch beef burgers are a treat for your dog made from pure, high-quality beef. They are manufactured in our own factory without additives such as corn, wheat, soy, colorings, preservatives, meat flour or other fillers and are gently air-dried. Our air drying technology is a modern interpretation of centuries-old meat preservation techniques.

The carefully selected beef is locally sourced and 100% traceable. Due to our gentle manufacturing process, the nutrients contained in the beef are preserved and help your dog to stay healthy and vital for a long time.

Bunch beef burgers are refined with a dash of glycerin (a fat component) made from rapeseed oil. The healthy glycerin binds water and provides the soft and chewy texture that dogs love so much. With the Bunch beef burger, your dog gets an irresistibly delicious and healthy snack for in between.

Bunch: Beef Burger Treats (1kg)

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