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Feeding Guidelines

 When it comes to feeding your dog, it is important to pay attention to not only the quality but the quantity of food being given.

Overweight dogs are at risk of developing health issues such as diabetes, respiratory problems, joint pain, arthritis and cruciate ligament issues. It can also impact behaviour hugely and make your pup cranky, frustrated or lethargic,

Puppies require far more than adults for their growing bodies so please reach out if you have a puppy so that our team can help.


Master Underweight.png

Ribs, spine & pelvic bones jutting out with severe tummy tuck & exaggerated squared off waist from above.


Master Athletic.png

Spine & pelvic bones not visible, ribs slightly visible, tuck under tummy with significant muscle tone.


Master Pet.png

Ribs, spine & pelvic bones not visible, well proportioned waist and slight muscle tone.


Master Overweight.png

Ribs, spine & pelvic bones are not visible & not easily felt. No tuck under tummy & no visible waist. 


Master Obese.png

Ribs, spine and pelvic bones not defined, fat cover on chest, spine and tail base. No waist.

Raw Mince (500g)
Easy Portioned Burgers (100g per burger)
Pour and Thaw Nuggets (17g approx per nugget)
Delicious Easy-Snap Sausages (approx 42g per sausage)
Wholesome Hand Cooked Meals (600g)
Travel Friendly, Shelf Stable Options..
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