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For the busy owner who wants to spoil their pup while helping them be as healthy as possible, try our 'select for you' subscription. Canine Nutritionists and experts in the field have shown us that limiting the foods your dog eats only increases sensitivites and likelihood for gastro upset. A wide variety of healthy whole foods is the best way to boost your dogs gut microbiome and our range of hand selected meals bring you not only the finest proteins, but also different variations of veg, superfoods and minerals.


Not only do we include the finest the U.K. dog food scene has to offer but we're also including chews and treats

with every delivery. We are currently the only service in the country hand selecting and hand delivering a varied diet that will set your dog up to be as healthy as can be.


Please note this is not usually suitable for dogs just beginning their fresh food journey or dogs who are highly sensitive. Any queries or concerns please use our chat box on our website and our team can help you!


*If you wish to cancel or amend your plan please use our chat box!

Fresh Dog Food Subscription

Price Options
1 Week Auto Top-Ups
£40.00every week until canceled
2 Week Auto Top-ups!
£40.00every 2 weeks until canceled
3 Week Auto Top-Ups
£40.00every 3 weeks until canceled
4 Week Auto Top-Ups!
£40.00every 4 weeks until canceled
5 Week Auto Top-Ups!
£40.00every 5 weeks until canceled
  • All proteins options, the ultimate varied cuisine to boost microbiome health and give your pup a balanced whole food diet!

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