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Dog Skin Allergy Prevention Spray for Atopic Allergies

LUCAA+ Pet Probiotic Allergen-Free (previously called Allergy-Free) is a natural skin allergy prevention spray. This vet-approved spray soothes and alleviates symptoms of environmental and seasonal skin allergies to help your pet helps your pet feel happier and more comfortable.

Skin allergy relief for dogs, cats and other pets with itchy, flaky skin, excessive scratching and rashes:

Prevents environmental allergies.

Brings comfort to itchy pets.

Balances the skin and home microbiome.

Reducing irritation and promotes a healthier coat.

Eliminates organic allergens (food for the probiotics).

Natural ingredients.

Vet approved, scientifically proven probiotic formula.

PETA certified – vegan and cruelty-free.

Easy to use: spray directly onto fur and surrounding surfaces.


To use our Pet Skin Allergen Care, ensure your pet is as clean as possible for best results. Shake before use. Spray LUCAA+ Allergen-Free directly onto the coat and brush through gently to ensure an even application.

Depending on the severity and the size of the animal – apply twice daily for the first few days then reduce to one, then reduce as required. It is beneficial to spray on any exposed skin areas – and to spray the animal’s living and sleeping environment, including bedding and collars. Suitable for use indoors and outdoors.

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Ingenious Probiotics: Allergy Spray (300ml)

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