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Our famous recipe, with a more passionate following than any boyband. A fantastic single protein coarse mince of rather decadent British venison meat, venison bone & liver. Go on, spoil them! Made in Yorkshire, 100% plastic-free packaging.


90% British Venison Meat With Bone
10% British Venison Offal (Liver/Kidney)
80% Meat – 10% Bone – 10% Offal


Note – British venison is seasonal, so this product is not available year round.


Analytical Constituents /per 100g
Moisture 59.62% / Protein 21.56% / Fat 6.79% / Ash (inorganic Matter) 2.0% / Fibre 0.24%

Naturaw: All Venison 80:10:10 (500g)


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