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Paleo Plus: Pork & Apple (500g)

Paleo Plus: Pork & Apple (500g)


Paleo Plus Pork and Apple is a lean and chunky raw dog food that's been minced for your convenience. Made from high-welfare British pork, Paleo Plus Pork and Apple is a Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) that is perfectly safe for your dog to eat.

Paleo Plus Pork and Apple is packaged in compostable and recyclable 500g packs. We’re playing our part in reducing environmental waste and make sure we always use packaging that can be recycled when we can.

All ingredients have been selected from wild or sustainable sources following the highest ethical standards. We truly care about animal welfare and because of this, we will only work with suppliers who share our sustainable and ethical values.

As a single-protein product, Paleo Plus Pork and Apple makes a great addition to an exclusion diet. Pork is a nutritious and healthy meat to feed your dog.

While some pork based products can be quite fatty, this product has been kept as lean and as ‘Paleo’ as possible. Many people believe pork is much fattier than other meat, however we’ve primarily used lean parts in our product, making this a high protein meal for your dog.

We also add a few British Golden Delicious Apples to make this a mouth-watering mix that your dog will love.

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