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Paleo Plus: Special Diet (500g)

Paleo Plus: Special Diet (500g)


Paleo Plus Special Diet is the epitome of canine culinary refinement. A low-fat, low-purine and low-phosphorous masterpiece featuring raw beef, pork, carrots and our exclusive Berry Good antioxidant superfood mix for outstanding nutritional enhancement.

Designed to meet the needs of dogs of all life stages including puppies, Paleo Plus Special Diet has been specially crafted for dogs with kidney issues and concerns. This excellent formulation makes it ideal for dogs with sensitive tums needing a low-fat, low-purine, or low-phosphorous diet.

Elevate your dog’s dining experience. Order Paleo Plus Special Diet today to see its transformative benefits.

Many pet owners turn to raw feeding in response to their pet's illnesses, with kidney disease being a prevalent concern. In cases where a dog's kidneys are not functioning optimally, there exists a potential for a dangerous accumulation of toxins, posing a life-threatening risk.

Paleo Plus Special Diet is carefully crafted to aid dogs facing kidney issues, strategically maintaining low levels of phosphorous and purine. Achieving this balance involves minimising bone content, utilising beef, and pork meats (lower in phosphorus compared to turkey, chicken, and fish) and carefully managing non-essential organ content. The exceptionally low purine levels also make it an optimal choice for breeds like Dalmatians.

Recognising meat as a source of purine, we have enhanced Paleo Plus Special Diet with a precise blend of mixed vegetables. Carrots, rich in essential vitamins like A, contribute to kidney lubrication. The addition of dark berries in our Berry Good mix provides vitamin C and anti-inflammatory polyphenols, acting as mechanisms in this process.

For optimal results, we recommend keeping your dog on this product for some time (4 weeks) and retesting kidney functions to assess potential improvements.

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