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Rawgeous: Beef Sausages (500g)

Rawgeous: Beef Sausages (500g)


Our beef sausages are a good lean protein source for helping train your dog because they are a source of complete protein.

Containing essential amino acids your dog needs to thrive, plus they're also low in fat and calories, making them a good choice for dogs who need to keep their weight under control., especially because they are pre-portioned at 42g per sausage.

These sausages are also a great source of iron, which is important for dogs who need to maintain their energy levels. Dogs who don't get enough iron in their diets can become fatigued and sluggish. providing your dog with a diet that includes plenty of iron-rich foods can help ensure that they have the energy they need to stay active and healthy.

These hand made sausages are the same mix as the Beef & Veg mix. Its a boneless mix which compliments all of the Rawgeous balanced and complete meals. Ideal for training, natural treats or travelling.

Everyone loves our Beef Bangers and these complete and balanced sausages are a massive hit for all pups who try them.

Composition: Minced Irish Beef Shoulder,, beef liver, beef kidney, carrot, Seasonal Greens (Broccoli or Kale), salmon oil, seaweed, thyme, sage, parsley

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