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Type II Collagen specifically targets healthy joint and cartilage function and has also been shown to support joint comfort. It is a structural protein found in several connective tissues in the body including, bones, cartilage & tendons. Perfect for supporting strong, healthy, and mobile joints, our Type II collagen is packed with protein and amino acids for optimum joint care and comfort.

There are three main types of collagen present in the body: Type 1 (supports skin), Type II (supports joints), and Type 3 (supports skin & muscles).

Cartilage is primarily made up of Type II collagen, which gives cartilage the strength to support joints. This is why Type II collagen is the most important and most effective when it comes to targeting joint support. Type II collagen is required in much lower levels to support joint health compared to Type 1 (usually marine) and type 3 (usually bovine) for skin health.

Hydrolysed Type II collagen is a more effective collagen in supporting joint health and is usually found in very high levels in chicken cartilage. Hydrolysed Type 2 collagen is collagen that has been processed less than standard collagen meaning its characteristics are maintained. It is broken down into smaller amino acid chains making it more easily absorbed by the body. In this form it is highly effective and a much more beneficial version for joint health than hydrolysed Type 1 marine, and hydrolysed Type 3 bovine sources.

Hydrolysed Type II collagen is ideal for supporting joint health as it is packed full of protein and vital nutrients, specifically the amino acids arginine, glutamine, glycine, and proline all essential for joint health. Type II collagen is one type of collagen protein found in the human body that helps to build connective tissues, cartilage and bones. It is the most important collagen for joint health as it makes up about 85-90% of the articular cartilage collagen.

Type II collagen administered orally is absorbed by the body and used to maintain healthy cartilage. It supplies the amino acids needed to support joint tissue. In turn this gives the body a better chance to support joint damage, and can provide joint comfort to areas of tissue that are less healthy.

As your dog ages their body produces less collagen, and existing collagen breaks down at a faster rate. The collagen is also lower in quality than when they were younger. This can result in tired achy joints less efficient at recovering.

The perfect partner to our Joint Plus Pro and Joint Plus HA product, our Type II collagen will provide an added boost to your joint care regime, supporting healthy cartilage, helping to promote strong and healthy joints, and supporting day to day recovery in very active dogs.


Per 100g: Type II chicken collagen

Analytical Constituents

90% Protein, 10% Ash

Riaflex: Type II Collagen (90g)

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