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SANAdog training bones are made from pure, high quality turkey meat. They do not crumble or become greasy, so can be kept in your pocket for if you need a couple for a quick walk, or are a great size to fill up your treat pouch with for a proper adventure or training session.

Since the amount of snacks used during training is often high healthy ingredients are particularly important. These turkey training bones are made from pure turkey meat and are refined with a dash of glycerine made from rapeseed oil. The healthy glycerin binds water and ensures the soft consistency. The training bones are manufactured in our own factory without additives such as corn, wheat, soy, colourings, preservatives, meat flour or other fillers and are gently air-dried. Our air drying technology is a modern interpretation of centuries-old meat preservation techniques.

The carefully selected turkey meat is sourced locally and is 100% traceable. Due to our gentle manufacturing process, the nutrients contained in the turkey meat are preserved and help your dog to stay healthy and vital for a long time.

*these may come branded as ‘Bunch for Pets’, the product is the same

SANAdog: Simply Turkey Training Bones (100g or 1kg Tub)


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